For most people home is one of the places they feel most comfortable. And even when one has the most wonderful time visiting with friends and family, or enjoying the best of vacations, as the old saying goes, it’s still good to be home. And that’s the way Mae always referred to her homegoing, and now she’s home…

Mae's Legacy

Our beautiful Mom

Universally loved

Few people have as few people who have anything other than fond memories and good things to say about someone as did Mom. In fact, if there ever was such a person we never met them, nor anyone else who said anything different.

There are many ways in which a person can create and leave a legacy, but one of the most consequential is by helping to make the World and those around you better and a better place than you found it, and having those good words and works continue to do so long after one is gone. And that is what this website is about. It’s just a starting point and jumping off point for helping Mom continue her amazing legacy.

If you knew or knew of Mae, found your way here, and are inspired to see how her legacy can continue through you and the many people her life touched in a positive way then please feel welcome to get in touch because this website is only a starting and jumping off point.

There are many opportunities for friends, family, and colleagues to connect and share.


Private and public services were held just recently in January. And a copy of the memorial service program and much of the content is available for friends, family, and colleagues who were unable to attend.


This website was created and is maintained by Mae’s son, Phil, who will be receiving your email if you would like to get in contact.

Please send your email to:

nom+mwaa-al(AT-sign goes here)indenom.net

Please put “Mom Was An Angel” in the subject line and, if we don’t already know each other well, include a brief description of how you knew Mom or are or were connected to the family in some way.

This website is strictly a labor of love and chances are that if you’ve found your way here you already knew Mom or the family in some way. Nothing is for sale here and so no formal privacy policy other than what’s just been said is really necessary. Any email you send will be received directly by Mae’s son and used only for the purpose of replying to you. If you don’t receive a reply within what you consider to be a timely manner please be sure to check your spam folder, or to resend your email.

Thank you!